2003 Silver Oak Cabernet Sauvignon – Alexander Valley

Silver Oak Cabernet

Silver Oak Cabernet

This dark ruby wine is a big mouthful of ripe berries with woody herb nuances.  It offers soft-ish, refined tannins but, if I must be critical, an understated finish.  Somewhat pricey at around $80, but an overall very good wine.

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  1. I was about to buy this as a Christmas present to myself but I am re-thinking that now. I am assuming by the picture of the wine bottle that you reviewed the Alexander Valley cab, have you tried the Napa version?

  2. This is a favorite of mine!

    How would say the Napa versus Alexander Valley version they make compare? Worth the money?


  3. It’s a great wine (Alexander Valley), don’t get me wrong. The finish isn’t what I’ve seen from other cabs in this price range, but enjoyed the big mouthful of berries. Would still purchase it to do your own comparison. I’m sure you deserve a nice cab for the holidays.

  4. I’ve not had the Napa. This was the Alexander Valley and was quite good, just not the big finish I was expecting. My guy thought it might be the best CA Cab he’d had.

  5. Cool! You definitely can’t argue that this isn’t a solid Cab… sure it may not be a perfect example of its finest, but it’s still a Cab every Cab lover should try!

    Great post! 🙂


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