2009 Chickie Awards – Be a Guest Judge

In early December, we asked you to post a link to the recipe on your website/blog that you consider to be your best of 2009 to get a chance to win a $100 Visa Gift Card. The following recipes made the final list for consideration:

  1. Manicotti with Red Sauce: http://bit.ly/56V524 @Annellini
  2. Grilled Bacon Wrapped Cheese Stuffed Chicken:  http://bit.ly/6XKZxa @jdecurtins
  3. Stuffed Black Bean Poblano Peppers: http://bit.ly/6jW9BD @Butterflytown
  4. Swordfish with ginger and lemon sauce: http://bit.ly/8aIr6b @spa_eastman
  5. Red Thai Shrimp with Coconut Lime Dulce de Leche Dipping Sauce: http://bit.ly/8bNhCd @thegourmetgirl
  6. Sticky Chickie!: http://bit.ly/6Ejpw2 @locodiner
  7. Baklava: http://bit.ly/8vYgos @kalofagas
  8. Tortilla Chicken Soup: http://bit.ly/8N84Mt @TheNoviceChef
  9. Matzo Ball Soup: http://bit.ly/5P1Moj @WarrenBobrow1

Be a guest judge in the selection of the winner!  By 1/10/10, post a comment on Facebook or my blog to tell us which recipe you believe should hold the title of 2009 Chickie Award Winner!

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  1. Being a gent, I will not vote for my own Baklava but I will vote for the Stuffed black bean Poblanos.

  2. You are a gent and a gem!

  3. I’d vote for the Thai shrimp recipe. My man doesn’t eat shrimp so I’ll try it with chicken. No doubt it will be rich and délicious…

  4. I would like a bowl of the Matzo Ball soup!

    They all look good!

  5. I tried Warren Bobrow’s matzo ball soup recipe on my Jewish grandsons (6 & 8) They said it was better than their ‘real’ Jewish gramma’s! Out of the mouths of babes!

  6. LOVE it! Yes, his version rocks.

  7. Tried Warren’s matzo soup on Jewish grandsons: verdict – better than real Jewish gramma’s!

  8. The Sticky Chickie by The Loco Diner is AWESOME!!! Simply Succulent!

  9. I admit that I’m biased as I am the editor in chief of Wild River Review, however Warren’s Matzoh Ball soup recipe is lovely. Wonderful contest.

  10. I’ve made the stickie chickie by The Loco Diner, and that’s a wonderful dish! It gets my vote!

  11. Stickie Chickie is great!

  12. Manicotti with red sauce is my first choice. All sound very good though.

  13. Warren’s Matzoh Ball soup is a winner to me. It’s a psychologically gastronomic gem.

  14. I vote for the Stickie Chickie! That’s good eatin’!

  15. For the purposes of full disclosure I am her husband but @thenovicechef’s tortilla soup is fantastic. We have it almost weekly!

  16. TheTorillia Chicken Soup is wonderful

  17. Regardless of your heritage, Warren’s matzo ball soup is like a precious childhood memory.

  18. Stickie chicken is my fav.

  19. I’m going with the Sticky Chickie by The Loco Diner!!!

  20. Susan Sanchez :

    I love the Tortilla Chicken Soup by The Novice Chef! My kids even ask for it!

  21. Matzo rocks! Especially Russiam Matzo! Yum-O!

  22. Yum to all of these! I vote Chicken Tortilla Soup!

  23. I’d love to try them all but my vote goes to the
    Manicotti with Red Sauce.

  24. My vote goes to the Manicotti with Red Sauce.

  25. I vote for Manicotti with red sauce…love the pasta recipe with it!

  26. Kevin Poirier :

    Although the Red Thai Shrimp looks delicious, my vote must go to the Manicotti with Red Sauce because of an intense longing for a pasta dish right now. The pictures stole my stomach 😀

  27. My vote is for the Manicotti…very tasty

  28. I vote for the Manicotti with Red Sauce!

  29. Manicotti with Red Sauce sounds delicious!

  30. I vote for : Manicotti with red sauce

  31. I can’t wait to try Manicotti with Red Sauce. The homemade manicotti crepes sound wonderful!

  32. the choice is clear – manicotti with red sauce

  33. The manicotti with the red sauce gets my vote

  34. The Manicotti with Red Sauce definitely has my vote.

  35. All of the entries look fantastic, but I have to vote for Sticky Chicky. I am eating my lunch and reading the recipe made me hungry all over again.

  36. The Manicotti with red sauce is a sure winner!!

  37. I vote for the stuffed poblano peppers! Yum!

  38. I may be biased – Warren is my husband – but the matzoh ball soup really rocks

  39. the matzoh ball soup is right up there with my mother’s and grandmother’s – I vote for it time and again

  40. Love this manicotti!

  41. Voting for Manicotti with Red Sauce.

  42. Put me down for the Matzo GREG

  43. A great selection, but the stuffed black bean poblano peppers get my vote.

  44. Annelle’s manicotti gets my vote.(I would like to try them all.)

  45. I like two the stickie chickie and the black bean poblano peppers. Can I give a half of a vote to each?

  46. My vote goes to the Baklava. Its a beaut!!!!!

  47. I love food that makes me smile, full of colors and passion. Thank You!

  48. Great Post. I hope you don’t mind me posting here. I love your site, I’ll be back for your next piece

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