Searching for Cheap Wines

Searching for Cheap Wines

Wine in a Box

Wine in a Box

Since I recently started a new job search, I’ve made lists of things I’d cut back on.  Wine and good food just cannot be skipped no matter what, so I thought I’d get my social media wine friends to help me compile a list of 10 affordable wines that they’ve recently discovered or are enjoying these days.

Please leave me a comment by 2/20/10 with a nice value wine you’ve enjoyed that you feel should make my top 10 list.


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  1. Congrats on the new job, and the awareness that one can not cut back on good food and wine no matter what.

    I too, have recently been searching for an economical ‘house wine’ – a go to mid-week wine when I just need that one glass to unwind. A wine that comes with no drain guilt – that uneasy feeling resulting from a bottle left unfinished, that will end up down the drain.

    One of the best economical wines that is actually ‘good’ – lively nose, well balanced, nice acidity – I’ve come across is the Louis Jadot 2008 Beaujolais-Village. The LJ ’08 is an excellent, straightforward wine that is widely available for around $9/bottle. Of course, if you buy this by the case, you can likely get the price point under $8/bottle. I recently posted a quick review of the LJ ’08 at:

    I look forward to reading others’ cheap wine recommendations. Best!

  2. I love love love the new line of Barefoot wines especially their Pinot Noir. Usually the bottle is $7.99 and when I serve it people are actually really surprised how affordable the wine is for the excellent taste. I also LOVE Mirassou Pinot Noir which can range around the $15 a bottle price but I found it last night on sale for $8.99. When you can find it on sale it’s a MUST GRAB!!!

  3. Thanks for the recommendations Nikki!

  4. I’m a huge fan of Las Rocas Garnacha, which you can usually snag for well under $10. I go through so much of it that friends refer to it as my “house” wine. Got something like 90 points (for what it’s worth) from The Wine Advocate. Also makes a fab sangria wine!

  5. Neat! Haven’t not had this particular wine…yet. Thanks for the suggestion!

  6. Ok — sorry i’m so late, but wanted to find some things you could def find everywhere 😉

    All under $15


    Bogel petit sirah
    Chateau St jean cabernet
    Alamos malbec
    Kanokop Kadette
    Neyers Zinfandel Pato Ranch
    Dynamite cabernet
    — also if you can find a N. Zealand Pinot Noir under $15, give it a shot they are producing great stuff…


    Ask for a Muscadet (great up & coming wines similar to riesling, can be dry too)… great prices under / around $15
    OTT Gruner Veltiner (we had it at thanksgiving) – under $20

    If they don’t have OTT, ask for a Gruner Veltiner and just give it a try…

    Zenato Lugana Riserva Sergio
    Crossroads Sauvignon Blanc


    Cristalino Cava

  7. Wow, wow, wow! Great stuff Lindsay! I see some familiar @winelibrary items here.

    Thanks a million and hope to share some above $15 stuff with you soon,


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