Delverde Pasta – a Delightful Discovery

Delverde Pasta – a Delightful Discovery

Wild Boar Ragu and Pappardelle

Wild Boar Ragu and Pappardelle

A few nights ago, I had the opportunity to attend a press event in Manhattan hosted by Casa Vinicola Zonin where Delverde Pasta was prominently showcased. I wasn’t familiar with the boutique pasta company and enjoyed being awakened to a completely new pasta experience.

Delverde Pasta has been making high-quality, natural products since 1967. The Delverde pasta factory is located at the foot of the Majella mountain massif, deep in the Majella National Park in the Central Apennines of Abruzzo in Italy.

Pasta Comparison - Delverde on Left

Pasta Comparison – Delverde on Left

Delverde’s mission is “To produce and select high-quality foodstuffs, using methods that are environmentally-friendly and that carry on a tradition of healthy and authentic food”. This pasta is truly different than any others I’ve encountered. The Delverde representative at the events claims the pure waters of the Verde river, natural production methods and the very best durum wheat semolina account for the exclusive products created by the Italian company.

The audience was treated to a dish of Delverde Pappardelle with wild boar ragu made by Chef Matteo Bergamini of SD26. The pasta was cooked to perfection by the nearly-famous Delverde “Pasta Boys” who are on tour with the company to feature the pasta brand to North American consumers. The slightly-chewy texture and almost sweet flavor of the pasta are like no other. The Pappardelle is also the widest noodle made in this category on the market.

Delverde Tagliatelle

Delverde Tagliatelle

We were given to a quick glimpse of the Delverde Pasta Sommelier program at the event. A piece of Delverde rigatoni was provided to the attendees alongside another rigatoni from a well-known pasta brand. The other pasta brand is the one I’ve been using for years as my ‘upscale pasta’ – what a joke! The Delverde rigatoni was much lighter in color and nearly fragile in texture from the old-school process of extruding the pasta through a bronze die and letting it slow-dry. The other rigatoni was darker golden and shiny which is caused by fast and long drying that helps the pasta not be brittle for shipping. In the photo of the tagliatelle in the packaging that I’m including, you’ll see just how carefully the pasta is nested in the package by hand.

A pound of spaghettis is $2.29, so not the end of the world compared to a mediocre box priced at $1.50. Delverde can be found at a growing number of specialty shops in the USA and Canada.

To stay abreast of special events like the Pasta Sommelier program and all things Delverde Pasta, like its Facebook page.



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  1. Hello

    I work directly for Delverde Pasta…you are showing old graphics…Delverde has launched a new design logo and packaging to cello.
    We recently launched a new line of Chick Pea Pasta and Flax Seed Pasta…reach out for me for the latest news on Delverde

  2. Bob, this post is from 2013. Thanks for commenting!


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