Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XIX

Barrel Aged Old Rasputin XIX

Wow just wow with this big boy. The bourbon flavors aren’t over-powering, which I find happens a lot in these types of brews. Rich caramel and chocolate flavors with a hint of vanilla and pumpkin pie spice. Dry, lightly smoky finish. One of the best Imperials I’ve tasted.

Brewed by: North Coast Brewing Company, Fort Bragg, CA

Style: Bourbon Barrel-Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Alcohol by Volume (ABV): 11.2%

International Bitterness Units (IBU): 38

Color in the Glass: Darkest shade of chocolate with an inch of fizzy tan head.

Format(s): Bottle, on-tap

Ideal Glass: Snifter



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