Tasting Notes – Scarpetta Frico Frizzante

Tasting Notes – Scarpetta Frico Frizzante

I was in Providence, RI for the holiday weekend and was served this fun bubbly at Slow Rhode. I admit I’m always a bit suspicious of wine served in vessels other than bottles, but this was nice. No metallic after taste, good bubbles, light, and refreshing. Think Prosecco but a little lighter on the amount of bubbles.

Looks: Palest of yellow in the glass with tiny bubbles.

Smell: Apple aromas with faint floral notes.

Taste: Apple flavors with a dry, crisp finish.

Texture and Finish: Crazy nice minerality and acidity with a medium finish.

I had this bubbly from Italy as an aperitif but enjoyed it so much that I paired a second can with roasted sunchokes and pan seared squid. I just ordered four, six-packs to take to the beach with us!

Pairings: Fried chicken, grilled fish, seafood.

Style: Sparkling Wine

Grape Type(s): Trebbiano, Glera, Chardonnay

Region: Mendocino, Monterrey, and El Dorado Counties, California, USA

Price: $3.99 for a 187 ml (6-ounce) can

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