2009 Marquis de Chasse Sauternes

2009 Marquis de Chasse Sauternes

SauternesGolden in the glass, the 2009 Marquis de Chasse Sauternes offers typical aromas of honey and dry apricot. In the mouth, it’s rich with ripe pear and honey flavors with a little nutmeg notes on the finish. Sweet yet well-balanced – very pleasant for such a young Sauternes.

Pairings: Cheese course, foie gras, most desserts

Style: White wine

Grape Type(s): Semillon,  Sauvignon Blanc,  Muscadelle

Region: Bordeaux, France

Price: $24 (500ml)

Chocolate Shop – Chocolate Red Wine

Chocolate Shop – Chocolate Red Wine

Last night, I had the pleasure of joining a group of wine writers for an online tasting of Chocolate Red Wine by Chocolate Shop.  I admit I was a bit pessimistic about yet another flavored wine, but this one surprised me.

The wine is a blend of multiple grapes (Merlot, Syrah, Cabernet Sauvignon, etc…) that’s flavored with premium chocolate prior to bottling.  The wine is best enjoyed within 12 months of bottling – each bottle is lasered with the bottling date.

In the glass, this wine is a deep ruby with bold cherry cordial aromas.  On the palate, it’s less sweet/sugary than one might expect with the bold flavors of the fruity wine coming through.  On the finish, it’s smooth with a hint of sweet cocoa from the 7% residual sugar.

This wine would pair beautifully with rare duck or other game.  It might also work drizzled over premium vanilla ice cream.

The price point on this wine is $15 and it can be found at major liquor stores, grocery stores or via the winemaker’s website.





2005 Château Filhot Sauternes

2005 Château Filhot Sauternes

Tried the Sauternes on my brand new dessert wine glasses and what a nice treat.  The wine is straw-yellow in the glass and not as unctuous as I’m used to seeing in Sauternes.  On the nose, there’s candied fruit, the typical honey and some ripe tropical fruit.  In the mouth, the 2005 Chateau Filhot Sauternes is full-bodied with a deep sweetness and a very nice level of acidity.

90 points Wine Spectator.

Around $25 (375ml).

2007 Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes

2007 Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes

'07 Carmes de Rieussec Sauternes

Although the second wine of Château Rieussec, this dessert (fortified) wine is not a second rate Sauternes in any way.  The color is a rich golden hue.  The nose is honey and ripe citrus.  On the palate, this Sauternes is unctuous, thick, sweet and bold with juicy peach.

Know most of us think of sparkling wine when celebrating, but this affordable Sauternes should also come to mind.  Served this wine with foie gras and confit onion and carrot and it was a fantastic pairing.

Around $25 for 375ml bottle.

2007 Honig Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

2007 Honig Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc

Honig Late Harvest

Honig Late Harvest

Had the pleasure of sampling this wine at the Honig Vineyards and absolutely loved it. The nose on this luscious wine is pure honey and the look of it is syrupy and golden.

The 2007 Honig Late Harvest Sauvignon Blanc is a mouthful of succulent sweet melon, dried apricot and rich caramel panna cotta. Great acidity and minerality for this type of wine. Aged in new French oak, this dessert wine’s alcohol level is 11%.

Great, great dessert wine.

Pairings: Cheese plate drizzled with honey, custard-based desserts

Style: White Wine

Grape Type(s): Sauvignon Blanc

Region: Napa Valley, CA, USA

Price: $50