Ingredient Spotlight – King Trumpet Mushrooms

Ingredient Spotlight – King Trumpet Mushrooms

King MushroomsAs I detailed in a recent post, I had the pleasure of visiting Mitsuwa Marketplace with Danny, of Eat with Dan, where I did some food shopping. One of the things I purchased was King Trumpet Mushrooms, a favorite of mine.

King Trumpet Mushrooms, also known as Pleurotus Eryngii, have thick, meaty pearl white stems and small sand-colored caps. Although these mushrooms are widely available at most Asian markets, they are indigenous of the Mediterranean regions of Europe, the Middle East and North Africa.

In their raw state, King Trumpet Mushrooms have little to no aroma or flavor. Once cooked, they develop a woodsy, earthy flavor and a meaty texture.

King Mushroom SaladThese mushrooms have a long shelf life if they’re not washed until just ready to use and if stored in a brown paper bag in the refrigerator.

My favorite way to eat these handsome mushrooms is to slice them long ways, drizzle them with a little soy/sesame seed oil/vegetable oil concoction then grill them as one would grill meat. On this occasion, I served them on a salad, but they can be prepared and presented in so many ways including in soups, stir-fries and tempura.

Have you had these beauties and if so, what’s your favorite way to enjoy them?